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Lori Dreyer SpendiffLori Dreyer Spendiff is a Toronto-based artist and instructor who dabbles in watercolour, pen & ink, drawing and mixed media.

Service: Build website to promote Lori’s artwork and the availability of workshops and classes in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Client Feedback:
“I highly recommend Tina Sanders at ASA Group – especially if you have put off creating, or updating your website due to FEAR! As an art instructor I work with my hands and make artistic decisions. I am comfortable speaking to, and interacting with, large groups of people. However, put me in front of a computer and I panic.

Tina held my hand and guided me through the entire process, from initial concept and design, to finished product. I appreciate that I had complete control of input, but I was never overwhelmed at any point. Tina explained the steps and process in a way that made sense to me, and is continuing to train and teach me so I am become comfortable making minor changes myself. The result is a polished professional website that is informative, easy to maneuver, but still personal – it is me.

I trust Tina to maintain my website, and to keep it functional and current, reflecting changes as my career moves forward.”

Lori Dreyer Spendiff
Artist & Instructor, AOCA

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