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ltta-plusLTTA Plus is a combination of the Leaside Towers Tenants Association, the Getaway Club, and the Building Manager – Morguard.

Service: Build a website that highlights the activities at Leaside Towers Apartment Buildings.  Needed to combine information about events, building rules and procedures and their Tenant Association

Client Feedback:

“When we initiated contact with TMT regarding setting up a website for our tenants association we were basically in kindergarten regarding anything past sending emails. The team of Ted, Marilyn, and Tina were quick to assure us that our lowly ability would not hamper our desire for an up to date and attractive website. They set us a reasonable time frame, gave open and clear direction on what was needed from us, and then gently prodded. We were delighted that as a result we managed to stick to the schedule and develop a site even greater than our initial expectations.

Their follow up has been kind with our slow takes, and quick to help in emergencies. The entire time has been a team effort the result of which is still ongoing keeping the website relevant and attractive. Can’t thank them enough.”

LTTA Plus Website Committee

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