Website Design – Do you need a website? We can design and build your online presence using WordPress and following industry standard guidelines.

Website Management/Maintenance – A website is a living breathing thing that needs to be managed and maintained.  Do you have someone who is taking care of software updates, minor design tweaks, backups, and content updates? We can help with that!

Website Reviews – How’s your website working for you? Get a review based on usability, functionality, design, content and competitive criteria.

Online Promotion – Did you know that there are many online directories/ properties where you can feature your product, service or company – a lot of them for free!!!  Get a listing of potential sites to use as a start of your online promotion.

Social Media – Everyone is on social media these days but which platform is the best fit for your product or service?  We can help set up profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Build posting schedule, post content and monitor results.